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Josh Island is a true European. Born in the British roundabout town of Milton Keynes to a Dutch family, he moved to Germany and the Netherlands before eventually settling in Luxembourg. This natural curiosity for cultures and people is reflected in his music, which has the ability to go beyond any geopolitical border.

As a 'vocal powerhouse', soulful songwriter and engaging live performer, Josh Island has been steadily growing a loyal fan base across Europe. He draws inspirations from the likes of Sting, John Mayer or Jamie Cullum, a dynamic blend of catchy singer-songwriter pop with strong influences of soul and folk.


But at its core lies Josh's unique ability to connect with the crowd - no matter how small or large the venue, he breaks down the invisible barrier between audience and artist.

In recent years he has opened for international acts like James Morrison, Passenger and Clueso, played several headline tours and released two EPs.


His debut album 'In My Head', produced by Portugal-based producer Nelson Canoa, was released 15 September 2023, showcasing Josh's love for catchy earworm melodies, guitar-based grooves and intimate ballads that pull on your heartstrings.

Josh Island is on a European tour in the fall of 2023.

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