Born in the British roundabout town of Milton Keynes but raised in Germany. Started out his career in the picturesque Grand Duchy of Luxembourg but grew up in a Dutch home. Where Josh Island’s roots are nobody really knows (he himself would say: “I’m European”), but if you hear his international charisma and story-driven songs you’ll understand why music goes way beyond geopolitical borders.


With a dynamic blend of folk-pop, warm soul-blues and a touch of jazz harmony, Josh Island reminds you of James Morrison’s songwriting and the raw energy of Dave Matthews Band. On stage he is an energetic entertainer. No matter how large or small the venue, Josh Island takes you on a personal journey that makes you feel like you’re enjoying his music from the comfort of your own living room.


The story begins in Luxembourg, where he started out his career in the local music scene aged 15, touring the bar and open-mic circuits and gaining recognition as a vocal powerhouse, soulful guitar player and engaging performer. After winning several local talent competitions and touring through Germany, he was soon opening up for James Morrison, Charlie Cunningham, Mighty Oaks, Alex Vargas and Leif Vollebekk. Showcases followed at Sonic Visions, Liverpool Sound City and Popronde Netherlands, self-releasing his first EP and several singles in the process.  


But all this time abroad stirred the urge to return to his home country, the Netherlands, and so he spent three years studying European Studies in the southern city of Maastricht. It was here that he established a grassroots campaign by asking audiences in student towns to invite him over to their (often tiny) living rooms for intimate live shows. This approach has garnered him a loyal fanbase and generated sold out concerts throughout Germany and Luxembourg, with airplay on major radio stations and coverage in online media and print press.  

A highlight in Josh Island’s career occurred in 2019, when upon special request he performed for the three royal families of the Benelux states, and established himself as a prominent figure within the European Union to promote its shared values and opportunities through musical performance.


His new EP Love Don’t Come Easy, released on May 7th, 2021 and produced by renowned producer Nelson Canoa in Portugal, showcases his mature songwriting capabilities and eclectic taste in music, positioning himself as a long-lasting pop-rock artist.